Founded in 1995, The Rural Health Association of Tennessee (RHA) is a 501c3 non-profit leading the way for a healthy Tennessee through partnerships, advocacy, education, and resources. Our members of rural health care providers, school health professionals, mental and behavioral health providers, and others are committed to the vision of becoming among the healthiest states in America. We believe in the power of listening and learning through direct service, advancing professional knowledge and development, and elevating voices of rural Tennesseans through advocacy.


For Tennessee to be among the healthiest states in America. 


Lead the way for a healthy tomorrow throughout Rural Tennessee 
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Values of the Rural Health Association of Tennessee

Rural Health Association of Tennessee is dedicated to the following values:

  • Diversity: Maintain a diverse membership representative of the rural and underrepresented communities we serve and foster an inclusive environment through respect of people and thought.

  • Health Equity: Promote the overall health of rural Tennesseans through the removal of barriers attributed to social drivers of health and increasing affordability and accessibility of quality, compassionate care in rural areas.
  • Health Education: Support and deliver evidence-based education and information to professionals and communities to improve overall health.
  • Collaboration: Partner with engaged communities, partner organizations, and policymakers to identify and address the healthcare needs in rural Tennessee.
  • Ethics: Adhere to the highest standards of professional integrity in all interactions and encourage others to do the same.
  • Sustainability: Maintain financially sound practices and good stewardship to achieve the long-term goals of improved social, physical, and emotional well-being of the rural and underserved citizens of Tennessee.

Adopted by RHA of TN Membership November 19, 2021

Statement on Rural and Racial Disparities

Since our founding, Rural Health Association of Tennessee has been committed to advocating for better health outcomes among all Tennessee populations and upholding the above values. As a new generation of leaders emerge, witnessing new displays of age-old problems of health inequities, we felt it important to remind members and affirm for new and future members, our commitment to tackling rural and racial disparities. Click here to read our statement on rural and racial disparities. We repeat the invitation in this statement to contact us if there are ways we can better represent the needs of rural minority populations by emailing [email protected] TNRuralHealth.org.