Rural Workforce

In Tennessee, 91 of 95 counties are federally designated as Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSA). Rural Health Association of Tennessee works with K-12, community and technical colleges, and employers to support recruitment and retention into healthcare professions through Apprenticeships, Training Incentives, and Professional Development Stipends. (source:

Working with Employers

RHA of TN works with employers to meet their health care needs through recruitment and retention of health care workers. RHA of TN serves as an Apprenticeship Sponsor, acting as liaison between TN Department of Labor and the employer, for organizations establishing Apprenticeship programs for Nursing Assistants, Patient Care Technicians, and Community Health Workers.

RHA of TN provides supportive services and case management to entry level health care employees to assist them throughout their healthcare journey.  Emphasis is placed on identifying goals, “skilling up” and removing barriers to success.

Current employer partners include:

  • West Tennessee Healthcare
  • Braden Health 
  • National Healthcare Cooperation
  • Helping Hands of West and Middle Tennessee

To learn more about RHA's apprenticeship program, email [email protected]

Workforce Readiness Program- K-12 and Community Partnerships

RHA of TN has developed a workforce ready curriculum to introduce youth to careers in healthcare and support the development of "soft skills" needed to be successful in healthcare. 

Schools in rural communities offering RHA of TN's Workforce Readiness Curriculum may be eligible for incentives to teach the program.

Click here if you are interested in utilizing RHA of TN's Workforce Readiness Curriculum. 

Rural Health Apprenticeships in the Spotlight

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