Updated the List of Reportable Codes for Drug Overdose Reporting (DOR)

Tennessee Department of Health (TDH) has Updated the List of Reportable Codes for Drug Overdose Reporting (DOR)

Effective January 3rd 2021, the Drug Overdose Reporting (DOR) List of Reportable Diagnosis codes was updated to include new Opioid-related ICD-10-CM codes. This update reflected changes made as a result of the ICD-10-CM Coordination and Maintenance Committee for federal fiscal year 2021. The T40.4X[1-4] coding structure for synthetic narcotics of unintentional, intentional self-harm, assault, and undetermined intent were revised. The changes allow for more specific reporting of drug overdoses involving synthetic opioids for initial and subsequent encounters. In particular, it allows the TDH to identify drug overdoses involving fentanyl, which has become more important to understand as overdoses involving fentanyl have increased rapidly in the last five years. Please ensure that your hospital is including the new codes when reporting drug overdoses to TDH. For more information and to obtain the full List of Reportable Diagnosis codes see the TDH Drug Overdose Reporting website. The new ICD-10-CM codes are indicated with an asterisk.

Now more than ever, it is important for Tennessee’s hospitals to report to TDH. We want to remind hospitals of their responsibility to continue reporting the reportable condition, Drug Overdose, to TDH weekly. Hospitals are required to report drug overdoses to TDH, regardless of the age of the patient experiencing the overdose or the intent, which include prescription or illicit, intentional, undetermined, or accidental drug overdoses. Full guidance on the Reportable Diseases Rules and Regulations can be found here. If the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting your organization’s normal operations and therefore affecting your ability to report to DOR weekly, please notify the DOR team at [email protected]. Please include DOR Reporting Impact in the subject line of the email.

Thank you for your continued partnership in reporting to the Tennessee Department of Health’s Drug Overdose Reporting system. Please send any direct questions to [email protected].

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